Discover the hidden eroders of your business profit and how to nip it in the bud

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

As a manager, you're well aware of the tangible factors of your income and expenses that affect your bottom line. What's harder to measure though are the intangibles that erode at your ability to make consistent increasing profit. These factors undermine performance and you can see the surface symptoms, but underlying all of the symptoms is a lack of trust.

discover the hidden eroders of your business profit

A lack of trust in any group or organisation leads to an unhealthy culture that permeates and undermines results. So what's required in order to build Trust? There are many factors, and a great starting point is for your team to understand the overall business vision and key objectives and for everyone in the organisation to understand the individuals and how they fit into to team and overall business objectives. Additionally healthy conflict needs to be encouraged where everyone can be encouraged to contribute and know their value within the organisation.

Developing Trust is a Leadership choice. As a Manager you can keep focussing on managing the recurring symptoms or you can be a Leader and develop your team and address the underlying cause with a long term vision.

One of the biggest competitive advantages to have in any industry is teamwork. Teamwork only comes with trust. It's not about having the perfect team - no team is perfect. It's about being a conductor of a symphony that balances the strengths and stretches of individuals and empowering the individuals to support each other collectively. Change can be achieved in organisations and individuals to develop a healthy corporate culture.

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