Effective Mentoring as the foundation to Develop Committed & Productive Teams

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

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Today I’m going to discuss the Importance of Effective Mentoring as a tool to develop individual and team potential

I’ll also be sharing details on the foundations of successful mentoring that’s the starting point of a simple framework that you can use to develop effective mentoring within your workplace

What are the Signs of Ineffective Mentoring ?

• If you’re struggling to develop effective teams you’re probably clear on what YOU want but you MAY be struggling to make it happen or conveying it clearly to your team members

• perhaps your team is inconsistent in their results, or they do the opposite of what you tell them

effective mentoring as the foundation to great teams

Now many leaders think that they should be able to just tell someone what to do ONCE and they’ll do it, andnd that everyone should just follow instruction and not question what you know as a leader to be right. Now this makes sense in many ways but what this actually does is lead to a lack of expression by others, and then you get a by-product, so instead of listening to what YOU say people they actually do what you do.

You might be saying isn’t that a good thing? And actually no, because people have a higher tendency to take on your less favourable behaviours then the good ones. So, while you are generally very good at your job, its those moments under pressure when you might have a temper tantrum. It might be the way that you handle an individual, the way that you make someone feel, the way that you get your own way at everyone’s cost. That’s what your team and your people pay attention to more than your good traits

So what is Effective Mentoring?

The key word here is Effective. Effective mentoring is a critical skill required by leaders and it should form part of your entire workplace culture.

Let me clarify what effective mentoring it is and isn’t:

Effective mentoring is not:

- simply showing someone how to perform their duties and expecting them to do it without question

- and its also not about limiting an individual to their job description because every individual has a lot more capacity to offer your business then just one role

Effective mentoring is:

- about teaching, encouraging and giving feedback that supports an individuals self-development and by doing so they can become a value-adding and committed member of your team.

So as a leader its about you having a desire for your team to be developed to their full potential and not squishing them into a single shaped container.

Mentoring is also about shaping future leaders so if you feel that no one’s stepping up and taking the reins AND taking on more responsibility then, again, mentoring is one of the critical skills that you can develop to create this outcome for you

So How do you become a more Effective Mentor ?

This starts with your ability to create Trust. Trust is the confidence of the people around you that is without any suspicion and doubt

Mentoring and trust are actually connected because in order to mentor you need trust as Trust is the starting point to create a willingness to listen.

With the foundations of trust, you can then have purposeful conversations to achieve clearer outcomes

And purposeful conversations are two-way, not one-way, and sometimes they can be a debate that can appear like conflict

So how do you build Trust?

It starts with your ability to Trust in yourself and in others

It's also shaped by your consistent demonstration of integrity, intention, your capabilities and the results that you achieve. And bearing in mind what I mentioned before its people pay more attention to the less favourable traits then the good traits so you need to have a conscious awareness of your behaviour when you might be at your worst as well

So Once You’ve Built Trust, what then?

Once you have trust and healthy debate in your workplace with purposeful conversations, this lays the foundations to enable your business, your team and the individuals within it to grow.

Through our 6 step mentoring model, we can provide you with a framework to help you mentor and develop your team as part of the development of your healthy and productive workplace culture. Contact Tracy Steinhardt from One Kinetic on 1800 671 551 or email for more details.

If you are ready to develop your Leadership ability to create an environment where your team steps up and takes more responsibility then contact me for a complimentary consultation on 1800 671 551 or email for more details.

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