Top 10 Tips on Developing Leadership Initiative & Talent Development within your Organisation

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Are you a Manager looking for ways to optimise leadership initiative and talent development in your organisation? You're doing your best to manage individual idiosyncracies and maximise the potential of your human resources, but sometimes you're battling with managing individual's self-sabotaging and conflict between people seems to be never ending. It's about becoming a savvy Leader. Here are the top 10 tips on how to lay a foundation for this to grow in your business

Tips to optimise your results as a Talent Manager or Leader of people

1. Get Really Clear on All of their Talents

It's easy to only see what someone tells you and shows you what they think they are talented at. Make sure you really probe into other potential talents and areas that they may be interested in developing and provide opportunities for them to try things out that are different. It is often the case that people underestimate their ability or think they aren't competent in an area when in fact there is just a fear associated with it and that skill ends up being their ultimate raw talent that everyone wants more of. You can obtain tangible data and really discover an individual thinking style and behavioural preferences is through our Meta Dynamics™ profiling tool and eDISC. These are very beneficial when you are assessing a candidate's suitability for a management position.

2. Really Get to Know What's Going on in Their Lives

So many people are amazing at creating a perception of success, that its all ok. It's easy to show one face to the world. To play the hero, the clown. Just keep that face on and keep smiling no one will know. But what can occur is little ripples underneath the surface. It might be something in their private life that they're struggling to deal with. It could be something small that has an association with a stressful event at another time in their lives. These ripples can become tidal waves if they aren't nipped in the bud. The last thing you want is to have your team come unstuck when they're in the middle of an important project or contract. It's important that your staff are equipped with skills to manage their personal lives and be competent at handling conflict and stress in the workplace. This can be developed through workshops, one-to-one coaching and online training modules.

3. Clearly Communicate What You Expect of Them

Communication is a two-way street and there are many subtleties and innuendos that occur between people. For successful outcomes to be achieved, communication needs to be an ongoing clarification process and debate and healthy conflict needs to be encouraged. People aren't mind readers and common sense isn't common. So don't assume someone knows what you expect of them. Set clear outcomes with the ability of individual's to check in on their progress regularly to make sure they are able to consistently meet the overall expectations of the group. This can be achieved through workshops, scoreboards and effective meetings which are all learned skills.

4. Let them in Your Vision and Goals so They Know Where they Fit into the Bigger Picture

As the Business Manager you are privy to information about the organisation's vision and goals. The only problem is that its all in your head or the managers above you! Verbally conveying tasks and how someone fills a role is one thing. Providing them with the ability to see how they fit into the bigger picture is another. Bringing others into the overall Vision, with elaborate detail, helps to empower individuals and teams to become engaged in the overall objectives because they know what's on the line. Identifying and articulating the vision and how everyone fits in can be developed through workshops and combined with profiling tools to ensure the right people are in the role that's most suitable for their individuality.

5. Ensure Individual Needs and Boundaries are met by empowering them

Everyone has needs and boundaries. We aren't machines and not everyone is as competent at managing their lives to ensure their needs are met and boundaries are respected. This isn't only affected by cultural factors, its a personal factor and some people are more dominant or passive than others. You can't assume that an individual's boundaries are the same as yours and it's important for every individual to self-manage their own space as without this mutual respect, defensiveness and an erosion of trust occurs along with deep effects on self-esteem. This can be developed through workshops, online training and one-to-one coaching.

6. Minimise Insecurities and Sabotage by Building a Long Term Relationship With Them

You've invested in your people and they've committed to you too. While you understand that in the bigger picture people come and go, for individuals dependent on you for their career and income, its a higher degree of risk on a personal level for them. It's important that your team have clarity in what's expected of them, how they fit into the bigger picture, and that they are able to provide and receive feedback so they can track their progress. They need to be able to develop a skill of autonomy and teamwork which can be achieved through professionally facilitated workshops, profiling tools, coaching and online training.

7. Compassionate Leadership

Maintaining public image is not easy street. It's exhausting. How often do you really listen, compassionately to the people you've invested in. Do they have ideas that could help you further your business ventures. Who knows where the discussion will lead. It starts with a conversation and its important to encourage expression of differing views in the workplace. This can lead to a perceived conflict and managers often make the mistake of shutting this down. This leads to a reduction of self-trust and trust within the workplace which undermines morale and performance. Developing healthy conflict through debate and workshops is a beneficial way of encouraging individual and team growth in an organisation.

8. Support their Personal Growth even if its risky

Venturing into foreign ground, especially when it comes to personal growth, can be daunting especially when it seems that dropping the ball on your public image is associated with so much criticism and judgement. Personal growth needs to occur in a supported space to help individuals understand the change and navigate through the transformation. This can be achieved effectively through profiling and coaching.

9. Develop their Ability to Work With Others

So you've got a tremendously talented staff member but they can't get along with others. They throw tantrums and lash out at everyone around them and then everything they create that's magnificent comes crumbling down around them in an instant.

It's important that your staff are supported and taught how to manage stress, conflict and communication with others. By supporting them in deeply understanding themselves and understanding and appreciating others as a team, their ability to work with others can be improved for greater results. This can be developed through individual and group training sessions.

10. Get their Feedback on ideas

You're working with a team of people who all have different lives and perspectives on things. So why not get their feedback on ideas? By engaging your staff in the bigger picture you will validate them and they will add even more value to your business from being listened to.

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