Management and Leadership are not the same

Its often assumed that if someone is a great manager, that they're a great leader, and although the two are interconnected, they are not the same.

Management is the ability to guide others to do their role successfully. Leadership is how you inspire others to achieve their full potential and ideally exceed what they thought was possible to achieve for themselves. Leadership takes savvy. Effective leadership starts with your ability to successfully lead yourself without exaggeration, ego or bravado.

effective leadership is about empowering others

There are 4 levels that interlink management and leadership that provide indicators of your own development as a savvy leader:

1. Self Leadership

2. Self Management

3. Leadership of Others

4. Leadership of Self

One Kinetic 4 Quadrants to Leadership

Within each of these levels are indicators of your own thinking as a leader and the response of your team around you. For instance, in order to progress through Self Leadership, your own thinking around responsibility and blaming needs to be above the line.

One Kinetic - above and below the line thinking

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