How to Boost Team Productivity & Morale in Your Business

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Do you want to improve the productivity of your team but you're struggling to manage the individual dynamics that occur within groups of people? Find out how you can achieve this with us and utilising Meta Dynamics™ to gain clarity on individual and business strengths and areas of development

As a Leader, how can you see through what isn't said, understand the behaviours, maximise individual potential, know how to motivate people and communicate effectively with them, and be the conductor of the symphony so that the overall objective is achieved?

How to Boost Team Productivity & Morale in Your Business

There are many subtleties that affect the overall performance of the team such as trust and personality clashes and communication. Team performance is also undermined by the ability of each individual to work to their fullest potential and together that needs to be managed by an effective Leader.

It requires leadership savviness.

It requires empathy and flexibility in communication styles.

And, it requires tangible data utilising effective profiling tools and other supporting resources so you know how to tap into the potential of your team.

That's where Meta Dynamics™ comes in to provide you with a structured framework to utilise in your business as well as data on individual thinking preferences so you can identify where an individual team member is right now, areas of strength and improvement, and their style in relation to others and the business goals.

Meta Dynamics™ provides a framework to understand how we structure our thinking and behaviour. It bases it around four critical dimensions of how we experience the world (environment), how we organise our world (structure), how we act in our world (implementation) and how we interact with others (people).

The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool is the world's only research based profiling tool in the world. There are only a handful of accredited profilers in the world who are rigorously assessed to become accredited so they can professionally guide candidates through the profile results and assess the impacts on group objectives and work with leaders to optimise performance.

Complementary to this is combining Meta Dynamics™ with eDISC profiling to provide fully comprehensive insight into the default behavioural style of individuals - the behaviours they can't seem to stop that often undermines their overall performance at the most critical time.

If you would like assistance with developing individual potential, team performance and a united workplace culture for your business then contact Tracy Steinhardt from One Kinetic on 1800 671 551 or email

You can also complete our free Leadership Style profile at This will provide you with a summary of your general thinking style, with more comprehensive detail on individual attributes with our full profile services.

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