How understanding our two core emotions can influence your team motivation

As a Leader, you need to be empathetic and manage the emotional dynamics that occur within your team. By understanding the two core emotions you can quickly identify the root cause of angst and stress in the workplace and manage the motivation and health of your team.

emotional intelligence and management is an essential leadership skill

Although your team will express themselves differently in different environments, it's useful to be able to get to the most simple understanding of the emotion as it will help you understand the root cause and manage it. Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross identified that all emotions stem from two core emotions: fear and love. Each of these cannot be expressed at the same time and it is possible to flip to the corresponding opposite emotion by changing the view of a situation.

Additionally, the emotions experienced have an effect on the body, how your team respond to each other, their energy and their overall health - all of which are factors in performance management. Below is a table of the two base emotions, their corresponding expressed emotions, hormones produced, effects on the body, and deeper psychological response.

One Kinetic - Love|Fear & Motivation

Once you are able to identify which root emotion you are dealing with, you can then understand the real cause and why and then affect the motivation.

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