A simple framework to build a cohesive workplace culture & thriving business

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

As a Manager, you're no doubt hearing about how you should be creating an oustanding workplace culture. You've been implementing some changes in your business and achieving some positive results but there are elements that come unstuck along the way. You don't seem to be able to bring it all together and you're still micro-managing.

It is possible to achieve it as long as you have a framework to effectively evaluate how you're tracking and enables your entire team to work with you cooperatively.

a thriving workplace culture needs a framework to build it

At One Kinetic, we specialise in helping you to bring out the best in your organisation and developing a workplace culture that thrives and strives and develops individual and team potential. We can help you to implement a simple framework to help you :

  • understand your real business purpose and the attributes of the team you need to achieve it;

  • develop a culture of high performance that attracts and retains the best staff and clients;

  • create an environment that encourages initiative, innovation and motivation;

  • build a structure to support consistency and replicability;

  • incorporate standards into your business that are aspired to not rebelled against;

  • develop individual and team potential and have staff strive for leadership, responsibility and accountability;

  • defining best practice so your team knows what to aim for and when they're on the right track to achieve outstanding results;

  • develop your teams ability to consider all critical aspects of your business so everyone is across the details when making decisions and taking action that's aligned to the business objectives;

  • see clearly what’s missing, what’s being done poorly or exceptionally amongst the whirlwind;

  • build your team's resilience and willingness to grow and change;

  • successful mentoring to bring out the best in your team;

The best place to start is with a complimentary initial diagnosis of your business culture by One Kinetic. Contact Tracy Steinhardt on 1800 671 551 or email

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