Email Signatures

Professional Email Signatures and Banners That Wow

Just think for a moment about how many emails a day you send and receive. Now multiply that factor by the number of staff you employ. Email is an integral communication solution to communicate with your existing customers as well as new customers making enquiries.  In most cases, this is an untapped or at the very least underutilised marketing resource in your business.  In some cases, businesses attempt to format their email signature using their email program only to find that it gets blocked by recipient’s spam filters or it looks unprofessional or its just a pain in the A to configure.

We have the solution!   We’ve partnered as approved Resellers of Rocketseed to solve this solution for our clients.

Not only does it enhance your brand through professional, cloud based email signatures and their interactive elements such as banners encourage engagement and utilise it to generate revenue.

  • Make every employee email an engaging opportunity
  • Design creatively with a clear, clickable ‘call to action’
  • Create and control centrally, and change in an instant
  • Tailor to specific senders and target recipient groups
  • Performs perfectly across all email platforms and devices
  • Manage, measure and maximise your email’s potential
  • Compatible with Office 365, G Suite and Exchange

Here’s a video introduction to Rocketseed.  When you’re ready to reap the benefits of your email, contact Tracy Steinhardt at One Kinetic to schedule a demo with you.

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