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Our clients speak needs – and we speak solutions.  We’re got our fingers on the pulse with what’s new and awesome, but we also understand how stressful it is to a business when a new system is thrown into the mix.  Bearing that in mind, we’ve partnered with some of the best solution providers in the world to provide technological marketing solutions for businesses that can be implemented within your existing systems and not create a negative disruptions (we’re into positive disruption by the way – more on that later!).

Email Signatures & Banners – Rocketseed

Email is NOT DEAD.  Think about how many emails your business sends on a daily basis – this is an untapped marketing resource for generating revenue. If you are looking for a Professional Email Signature solution that resonates your professional brand and can be incorporated with targetted banners then you need Rocketseed

Website Content Management System – WordPress

WordPress has evolved to become a robust content management system that is utilised to power many top brands around the world.  It is an easy to install system with the availability of over 3000 WordPress themes and 31,000+ plugins, many of which are available for free.

To run a website on WordPress, you need a domain and web hosting.

Shopping Cart – Shopify

Shopify leads the way in providing a comprehensive (and very stable) Shopping cart solution with customisable templates that is search engine optimised, has great plugins, is easy to implement and implement quickly. It also functions as an easy Point of Sale system with tablets and phones making sales transactions a breeze.

More information on Shopify can be found at

We provide a complete design and configuration solution for businesses so you don’t have to worry about it. We make you look great!


If you’re unsure that’s what we’re for – contact Tracy Steinhardt from One Kinetic for a complementary consultation to determine the best marketing-technology mix for your business.


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