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Marketing and Sales is not what it used to be, let’s face it and there is a lot of new jargon being thrown around that just seems to be made up like Unicorns (it’s real by the way – well as a concept anyhow!).

A lot of the change is associated with internet improvements that has enabled an exponential increase in the accessibility, capability and availability of technological marketing solutions.  The reach to customers has grown, yet in many ways it is somehow more challenging to really hit the nail on the head and get customers to buy from you as now they have choice, internet shopping and in many ways overwhelm and confusion.


These days you really get to know the nitty gritty about your perfect customer.  What do I mean by this?  Think of it this way – do you want to spend your time fielding customer enquiries from customers that want to buy what you DON’T have?  Not only is this time consuming but its frustrating for both you and the customer.  It marketing terms its defined as a Niche, and your perfect customer is your Avatar – this is a description of your perfect customer – their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, income, what they read etc.  This is who you need to speak to when you advertise – its personalised and your marketing needs to seem as if you are speaking directly to that person providing the solution to their problems.

Now in terms of selling, once upon a time a long time ago (might still occur in small towns isolated from the world) you could open up a shop and people would come and see your shop and buy what you had in stock. There wasn’t much choice and selling was, well… let’s say the customer bought because you were the only provider.  Now in this fast paced, daily changing internet world customers move fast. They don’t have to buy locally, and often can buy better quality prices for lower prices and delivered faster from overseas. Go figure!!!  I’m guilty of it and I love it!  So what’s the answer to this?  1. Think Big  2. Innovate or Die. I know harsh, right but the fact is, with the likes of megaliths like Amazon arriving in Australia soon, as a business owner you need to think psychologically, cleverly and innovate.  You have to be ahead of the competition, not following the trend.  In fact, at a MAXIMUM of every 90 days you need to be implementing something new – variety and creativity is the key.

There’s a whole ‘science’ and psychology behind it that we can step you through in an awesome and fun workshop.

There is one rule and only one rule, get ahead of the race!


Our clients speak needs – and we speak solutions.  We’re got our fingers on the pulse with what’s new and awesome, but we also understand how stressful it is to a business when a new system is thrown into the mix.  Bearing that in mind, we’ve partnered with some of the best solution providers in the world to provide technological marketing solutions for businesses that can be implemented within your existing systems and not create a negative disruptions (we’re into positive disruption by the way – more on that later!).

Email Signatures & Banners – Rocketseed

That’s right – email is NOT DEAD.  Think about how many emails your business sends on a daily basis – this is an untapped marketing resource for generating revenue.

More info can be found here

Website Content Management System & Shopping Cart – Shopify

Shopify leads the way in providing a comprehensive (and very stable) Shopping cart solution with customisable templates that is search engine optimised, has great plugins, is easy to implement and implement quickly. It also functions as an easy Point of Sale system with tablets and phones making sales transactions a breeze.

More information on Shopify can be found at

We provide a complete design and configuration solution for businesses so you don’t have to worry about it. We make you look great!


If you’re unsure that’s what we’re for – contact Tracy Steinhardt from One Kinetic for a complementary consultation to determine the best marketing technology mix for your business.



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