Leadership Development

Not getting the results you’re after in your business or from your staff?  Let us help you.  We offer customised group and one-to-one coaching in leadership, positive psychology, business efficiency and innovation.

One Kinetic works in conjunction with small to medium businesses to help them identify and address the hidden or ignored aspects within the business that are inefficient, costly and stressful affecting their bottom line and the business brand. Through workshops and individual sessions we can map out the dynamics of your environment and systems, how this is implemented and the culture within in your organisation. This includes performance profiling and dynamic integrations between team members that causes conflict. With this insight we can then help you map out strategies to re-focus your entire business on your bigger goals and move forward cohesively.

Through customised training sessions we work with you and your staff to help you map out areas in your business that are eroding at profit and affecting team cohesion and build a positive culture, with motivated team members, efficient systems and innovation.

Achieving top performance as an leader starts with your mindset. Through mentoring, positive psychology, mind mapping, Meta Dynamics™, and advanced coaching methods, we will step you forward in mapping out and achieving your goals with balance.

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