Email Marketing – the untapped resource in your business

Written by on September 21, 2017

When it comes to marketing online, a LOT of jargon gets thrown around like SEO, PPC, funnels along with different advertising on social media, ‘online marketing’, ‘content marketing’. This list goes on and on!  It’s tempting to get caught up in the hype and experience overwhelm.

Now, these methods they have their place for targeted marketing to attract and convert leads,but since your primary focus is to manage your business (which takes a lot of time), you really can’t afford to be on a learning curve every day, can you…

What you need is a simple marketing solution that keeps your customers and associates informed without overwhelming you or them.  This needs to be easy to implement, cost effective, give a good return on investment, reach who it needs to and as simple as possible to utilise on a daily basis for any of your staff.

The utilisation of professionally designed email signatures and targetted banners is an untapped or underutilised marketing resource in your business!

Think for a moment about how many emails a day you send and receive in your business. Even if you use other systems to communicate with staff and customers, at some point in time, an email address is required in order to receive or send some information in a corporate environment.  Email is not dead. It is still an integral medium to communicate with your existing customers as well as new customers making enquiries:

  • it’s a one-on-one connection
  • it’s universal – even if you don’t like it, all employed people use it
  • it converts

Email communication can deepen your relationship with your customers and enables you to use your distinctive voice and deliver quality content.  Basically it builds rapport and trust.

Some corporations use email programs such as Outlook to format their email which often in end poor or difficult to implement formatting, and often emails with this style of signature can be blocked and classed as spam by recipient servers.

The solution is Rocketseed Email Signatures & Banners ! Not only does Rocketseed enhance your brand through professional, cloud based email signatures, you can include interactive and targeted elements such as banners that encourage engagement and sales. Additional benefits include:

  • Make every employee email an engaging opportunity
  • Design creatively with a clear, clickable ‘call to action’
  • Create and control centrally, and change in an instant
  • Tailor to specific senders and target recipient groups
  • Performs perfectly across all email platforms and devices
  • Manage, measure and maximise your email’s potential
  • Compatible with Office 365, G Suite and Exchange

As approved Reseller’s of Rocketseed, we’re trained to provide you with the best service and ensure your email signatures & banners support your business marketing strategies.

This video provides an overview of the Rocketseed solution

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